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February 14, 2015

The Affordable Care Act, the federal health care law, will bring some surprises at tax time for many. This year there are two new issues that can complicate the preparation of almost anyone's tax ret...

February 6, 2015


The President's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal was just released and includes a number of tax proposals that would increase the taxes on higher-income taxpayers and provide more tax breaks for low...

February 5, 2015

Generally, teenagers and young adults do not consider the long-term benefits of retirement savings. Their priorities for their earnings are more for today than that distant and rarely considered reti...

January 30, 2015

IRS has privately ruled that for a child diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities, tuition paid to attend a school designed to assist students in overcoming their disabilities and developing app...

January 29, 2015

If you’re like most taxpayers, you find yourself with an ominous stack of “homework” around TAX TIME! Pulling together the records for your tax appointment is never easy, but the effort usually pays...

January 26, 2015

If you use independent contractors to perform services for your business and you pay them $600 or more for the year, you are required to issue them a Form 1099-MISC after the end of the year to avoid...

January 26, 2015

February 2 - 1099s Due To Service Providers


If you are a business or rental property owner and paid $600 or more for the services of individuals (other than employees) during a tax year, you are requ...

January 26, 2015

February 2 - Tax Appointment 


If you don’t already have an appointment scheduled with this office, you should call to make an appointment that is convenient for you. 


February 2 - File 2014 Return to...

January 22, 2015


The tax code includes a number of incentives that, with proper planning, can provide tax benefits while you, your spouse, or children are being educated. Which of these options will provide the grea...

January 18, 2015

The tax code allows an individual to take a distribution from his or her IRA account and avoid the tax and early distribution penalties if the distribution is redeposited to an IRA account owned by t...

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